What Is Your Agent Doing?

3 Things Your Agent Should Be Doing

There is obviously a stigma around insurance agents that we have been working tirelessly to obliterate. I am an agent and I know exactly the preparation and time that quality agents put in. There will always be bad actors giving the good ones a bad name. The building of that trust is no easy task in an increasingly separated world where all there is a voice on a phone. There is no handshake to give a man or allowing a woman to look in your eyes to see if they are trusting and kind.

To give you an idea of what the agent does and how diligent we must be I will lay out 3 things every Licensed Medicare Agent should be doing:

  1. Calling People: A Medicare agent understands that in order for them to succeed long term they must help as many people as possible. It requires constant activity and meaningful conversations with amazing people. So, if you need your agent, leave a voicemail or text them. If your agent is worth their weight in salt, they will respond promptly.
  2. Service their current clients: This is a big one. It is impossible to stay in business if you are not treating people fairly. This means solving the issues in a timely manner and honest way. With growth must come adaptation. This means that very experienced and trained administration staff will be available to assist clients if possible. This means faster and more attentive service. Critical Issues should be passed to your agent when one of our client retention specialists is unavailable.
  3. Training: All year long there are opportunities to train in different areas of insurance, ethics and healthcare policy. These are not optional and must be passed at a high level. These requirements have gotten stricter as time has progressed. We must stay up to date every year as things change and we cannot help if we are not educated and prepared.

One HUGE question you should ask your Medicare agent is if they are AHIP certified. Many agents only want to sell a Medicare Supplement and do not take the time to pass the annual certification that allows them to offer you help with your Part D and C. This is often because that test requires a 90% accuracy to pass. I don’t know about you, but I want my agent to be an A student in his chosen profession.

A stamp showing a the word expert.
Educating future Medicare beneficiaries.

These are only a few things agents do. Most of the day is speaking with new folks helping them by supplying coverage, simply educating future Medicare beneficiaries, or simply checking on the current clients to ensure they are in the best position.

I am proud to be a Medicare Agent. The community that Medicare Agents across the country have built together is becoming increasingly sharing as we work together to better serve our audience. We help one another every day from sea to shining sea. In my mind, your Medicare agent should always be your favorite agent.

If you want an agent that does all of the following, check us out here.