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who is Justin Brock?

Medicare, Bobby Brock Insurance and Marketing have become synonymous. Justin Brock, President and CEO of BBI, has brought the broker community together without the requirement of a hierarchal affiliation and with care for the Medicare beneficiary and our industry as the focal point of his concentration. 

Whether it is the Medicare Monsters Facebook Group, which now has well over 11,000 active members, GoGuru Pro CRM (BBI’s Highly Customized Customer Relationship Manager), GoGuru University (BBI’s Interactive Training Platform), or MedicareCon, the industry’s leading conference for ideas of how to help yourself by helping more people, Justin and the team at BBI continue to advance the conversation and invoke thoughts on how to deliver value rather than Pyramid Schemes and valueless acquisition strategies. 

My History

Justin Brock, President and CEO of Bobby Brock Insurance (BBI). Justin has taken the Health & Medicare insurance industry by storm over the last nine years and has become a pivotal icon by bringing different factions of the health insurance market together. He continues to advance the conversation towards the metaphorical “End Zone” by creating digital content and training courses that have elevated the practice of THOUSANDS of health insurance agents across the country. Justin’s dedication to forward momentum has created a cultural change in the agent world by being transparent and authentic. Bobby Brock Insurance, located in Tupelo, Mississippi, is the state’s oldest and largest health insurance agency. As always, BBI is on a mission to help one million Medicare beneficiaries. Whether it is Justin’s Medicare Monsters Facebook Group with 11,000 active members, GoGuru Pro CRM, GoGuru University, or MedicareCon, Justin is leading the charge to connect well-trained agents with beneficiaries around the US. Justin and the team at BBI continue to advance the conversation and invoke thoughts on delivering value and increasing persistence rather than pyramid schemes and valueless acquisition strategies; Justin emphasizes hard work, tenacity, constant activity, and self-education. Justin and his Wife Tempest have two children, Jaxon, and Grace Marie. He enjoys working, traveling with his family, and watching movies.

Full-Service Digital Agency

Justin Brock and his team have become a full-service digital agency that believes being a brand is more valuable than just being another insurance agency. We craft beautifully useful, connected ecosystems that grow businesses and build enduring relationships between brands and humans. The Guru Marketing division brings together a niche specific marketing team to give more value to Medicare and health insurance agents.

Agency Growth

Justin set out to be a successful health insurance agent with the goal to help as many clients as he possibly could. After building a successful local agency he noticed a need for training in an underserved niche of health insurance agents. Over the last 5 years, he has continued to develop innovative marketing ideas and tactics further increasing his personal success as well as the success of health insurance agents nationwide by providing training courses dedicated to the growth and success of independent agents.


Justin Brock didn’t start out in the industry focused on agent training courses. He started right in the middle of the grind chasing down leads as a highway warrior, but the attitude he took to that approach was that it was a necessary evil and a means to an end. Quickly he started researching scaling approaches and found that the internet was the great equalizer. After about two years of courses, events, trial and error, and a bottomless pit of money being spent, the code was cracked. The things that others understand can sometimes be the only barrier between you and your goals. That’s why Justin decided to create content that taught other people in the industry to approach things the right way from the start. 


Justin has won multiple carrier awards year after year for the last 7 years, all for personal production.  In addition to production awards, Justin has been featured in many insurance-related spotlights. He also has a seat on the advisory council for multiple insurance carriers. Most recently, Justin was named Vice President of the Mississippi Association of Health Underwriters which is the state affiliate of National Association of Health Underwriters. Justin has also been highlighted by earning ClickFunnel’s Two Comma Club for reaching a total number of courses sold via the ClickFunnel platform.

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With GoGuru University, you’ll discover how people like you are becoming financially free and leaving the rat race once and for all by leveraging their new expertise in the lucrative Medicare and health insurance industry!

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JULY 17-18, 2023 in TUPELO, MS

Join us for a game-changing two-day event that combines the power of “Behind the Agency” and “Behind the Marketing” into an immersive experience. This event is designed to equip agents with the ultimate strategies for success in the health insurance and Medicare-focused insurance industry. Gain insider insights from industry experts, master the art of agency growth, and unlock the secrets to effective marketing. Network with like-minded professionals, engage in dynamic discussions, and harness the full potential of cutting-edge techniques. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your business and position yourself as a leader in the industry. Secure your spot today!

Behind the Marketing



Join Steven Martinez and the BBI team for a 2-day all-access event covering marketing for your agency! Whether you’re an individual agent, a startup, or an agency with years of experience, Behind the Marketing can take you and your agency to the next level.

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Are you a successful health insurance agent looking to take your career to new heights? Look no further than BBI Marketing, the premier FMO (Field Marketing Organization) that is revolutionizing the industry. As a well-established leader in the market, we have the resources, expertise, and support you need to soar to greater heights of success. Join our elite team of top-performing agents and gain access to exclusive carrier contracts, advanced training programs, lucrative compensation plans, and a network of like-minded professionals. With BBI Marketing, you’ll experience unparalleled growth opportunities, personalized mentorship, and cutting-edge marketing strategies to supercharge your business. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can be part of something extraordinary. Take your career to the next level with BBI Marketing and unleash your full potential in the health insurance industry. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities that await you!


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