I'm Justin Brock

Strategic Digital Marketer for SaaS & B2B

  • About Me: I'm a strategic digital marketer. I evaluate products, services, and their target customers. Then I create and execute the digital marketing strategies the business needs.
  • Since 2014, I've been through 3 private equity acquisitions & 3 software company acquisitions.
  • While my core focus has been top-of-funnel and CRO, I know product marketing is crucial to a successful digital strategy.

Professional Skills

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Market Research
Web Analytics
Conversion Rate Optimization
PPC/Display Ads
Lead Gen. / Ecom
Facebook Ads
Product Marketing

My Story

I’ve done digital marketing since 2004. Along the way, I’ve become proficient in a long list of digital marketing skills and tools. More importantly, I’ve honed some processes for the consistent acquisition of leads and net-new business.

I’ve seen almost every pre-public stage on a software business’s growth map, from the first $1 million (that was exciting), through multiple acquisitions. For the past 14 years, I contributed to the 23% average YoY growth of a small startup, enabling it to become a recognized market leader with annual revenues over $100M. This included three successful private equity acquisitions since 2014 and the acquisition and integration of three leading security software companies in 2018. Together, we grew top-line business 3x in four years and expanded profit margins by 8x over the same period. I’ve led rebranding projects, product launches, and website rehauls. I’ve also helped navigate the digital challenges presented by acquisitions and mergers. It’s been an interesting ride!

I’m comfortable in cross-functional roles, and my consulting & ecommerce experiences have given me insights into marketing for both B2B and B2C.


My Experience


Digital Marketing Manager


Led digital rebranding project, merging four branded websites into one. Maintained digital ad performance for combined sites through rebrand. Ensured minimal disruption to organic performance after rebrand. Continued to define digital marketing strategy across SEO, PPC, display, remarketing, and website.


Digital Marketing Manager

Bomgar Corporation

Define digital marketing strategy across SEO, PPC, display, remarketing, website, and email campaigns. Define strategy for and manage ad agency. Derive actionable insights from analytics. Advise Product Management/Marketing with market research from digital channels.

2012 - 2017

SEO & Digital Strategist

Bomgar Corporation

Grow organic over 90% in two years. Establish organic as the leading traffic channel, despite $3.5M digital advertising budget. Initiate multiple website redesigns which increase conversions over 10%. Manage ad agency. Also, function as Product Marketing department.

2010 - 2011

Senior Technical Writer, Webhelp Manager

Bomgar Corporation

Revolutionize techcom department with transition from print to single-source publishing of webhelp and pdf guides. Innovate search engine friendly webhelp that drives over 20% of organic traffic. Seen as SEO expert within tech writing community. Also, manage translations.

(Here I left Bomgar to do marketing consulting for 9 months)

2008 - 2010

Manager of Product Marketing

Bomgar Corporation

Establish Product Marketing department at Bomgar. Arm sales and marketing teams with product data sheets, ROI models, presenations, demo scripts, website content, and product launch materials. Monitor competitors and advise Product Development accordingly.

2007 -2008

Manager of Online Marketing

Bomgar Corporation

Establish Online Marketing department at Bomgar. Coordinate rebranding project (from NetworkStreaming to Bomgar). Define strategy and measure performance for SEO, PPC, display, email marketing, and website. Increase organic traffic after disruptive domain change.

2004 - 2007


Bomgar Corporation

Optimize and maintain website for lead generation. Establish SEO as an in-house function. Restructure and optimize PPC campaigns. Create and optimize display campaigns.


Digital Marketing and Ecommerce (Owner)

Ecommerce (Various)

Created and sourced physical products and promoted through ecommerce channels (Shopify / Wordpress websites, Amazon, eBay, etc.). Drove sales through digital channels and set affiliate strategy. Also, handled patent/trademark and managed translations.


Digital Marketing Consultant

Brock Marketing Services

Develop brochure websites and ecommerce stores for various local businesses. Create and optimize digital advertising campaigns using AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and other platforms.

My Education

Digital Marketing Training

On-the-Job, 2004 - 2018

Digital Marketer, Facebook Ad Academy, Google Adwords Certification, Google Web Designer Certification, Amazon Ecommerce Training, Brightedge Certification, Moz, Bruce Clay

Masters of English (no degree)

Mississippi College, 2001-2003

Completed all course work and final exam. Entered the Valley of Diapers and did not complete my thesis.

BA English / Biblical Studies, Minor

Belhaven College, 1995 - 1999

Maintained 3.75 GPA.
Presidential scholarship based on 30 ACT score, GPA, and leadership.


  • He was one of our strongest marketing assets.

    Joel Bomgar State Representative
  • I worked closely with Justin as he developed the Google search and content marketing strategies for Bomgar. He took a very thorough and innovative approach to his role which led to great results for the company.

    Julia Burg Google, Head of Creative Content
  • You're the best dad ever!

    Jackson Brock Seven yr old at my house

References available upon request.

My Speaking & Presenting Activity

Mining Content: Encouraging Video Production Without Overwhelming Your Experts, 08/2017

MadWorld 2016, Bomgar’s Webhelp: How We Improved SEO and User Experience, 04/2017

MadWorld 2016, Building on Foundation: Layouts that Rock MadCap Flare, 04/2017

Developing Modern Responsive Help Sites with MadCap Flare 11, 12/2015

Project Showcase: Bomgar Improves SEO with a New Approach to WebHelp Targets, 09/2013

Bomgar’s success on the Google Content Network, 07/2007

My Interests

  • Camping
  • Reading
  • Good Coffee
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • History